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Advantages of NCCO

  • Super powerful decomposition of medically harmful gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, acetone and phenol

  • Does not release secondary pollutants compared to traditional adsorbent materials such as activated carbon

  • NCCO reactants are recyclable and self-sustaining thus can be reused repeatedly, providing significant savings in labour and running costs

  • Uses mineral material as reactant and so preserves the external environment

Benefits of NCCO

  • Disinfects and Deodorises – Improves hygiene in critical areas

  • Reduces the number of air changes – Provides running cost benefits

  • Removes TVOCs – Reduces effects of medically harmful fume pollutants

  • Protects health of employees - Provides better working environment and increases in productivity

  • Kills bacteria and viruses e.g. H3N2 – Provides significant protection to individuals

  • Maintains good air quality – Provides a better living atmosphere and environment

  • Collects allergens – Using HEPA Filter (HEPA 13 - Medical Grade), reduces allergic reactions

  • Prevents inhalation of suspended particulates e.g.PM2.5 protection, improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to EXCELLENT class

  • Removes smoke and harmful fumes – Providing personal and commercial benefits

NCCO Air treatment system removal rate

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