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NCCO technology provides protection in paint factory

NCCO technology is finding increasingly more market sectors where it can be used to protect us and the environment from particulate and solvent pollution. This video shows how our technology is used in the paint industry to protect employees’ health and improving working conditions for improved productivity.

What is NCCO and what does it do?

This explains in detail how our unique NCCO filter effectively captures pollutants such as VOCs/formaldehyde and then converts them to non-polluting Carbon Dioxide and water molecules

The filter stage pollution removal process


This animation shows how the different filter stages are used to remove hair, particulate matter, viruses, bacteria and finally the breaking up of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to non-polluting Carbon Dioxide and water molecules.

Belt and Road Initiative introduction


This video shows how RHT is playing its part in this very ambitious project set out by President Xi Jinping which sets out China’s $900b plan in improving its connectivity with the rest of Asia and beyond’. The ‘Belt’ is a series of overland corridors connecting China with Europe, via Central Asia and the Middle East. The ‘Road’ is in fact a sea route linking China’s southern coast to east Africa and the Mediterranean.

NCCO Bacteria Removal Test


Here we show a time-lapse video of how effective NCCO technology is in reducing bacteria present in the air.

NCCO Smoke Removal Test

This video shows how effective our technology removes smoke from a test chamber.

NCCO’s VOC Removal Performance Test


VOCs are a collection of harmful pollutants found in the air outside and inside our homes and places of work. This video shows quantitatively how effective NCCO is in removing such pollutants.

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