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MTR Station

(Hong Kong)

  1. One of the busiest stations in the world and linked to an important border control, processing over 50,000 passengers daily and increases to over 250,000 daily during special festive holidays.

  2. Our RH-490C ceiling units were installed in the station washrooms as an effective means to decompose significant heavy odours and bacteria. Air Quality (AQ) improved dramatically and air change requirements decreased enabling valuable savings in energy consumption.

  3. As these odours were eliminated effectively, it brought additional benefits to the comfortable environment for passengers. Previously empty commercial units adjacent to the affected areas were quickly rented bringing increased commercial revenues.

  4. Plans are now proceeding with haste to install NCCO units in new washrooms and public areas along all MTR lines.

Industry – Large public facilities complex – Very busy and important rail transport hub
Problem – Heavy odour in the station washrooms affecting environment (inside and outside) together with commercial opportunities in the near vicinity of the washrooms
Resolution – Use of RH-490C ceiling units removed significant odour, providing a much cleaner environment for people using the facilities and also led to an increase in active commercial outlets where previously they were empty due to the environmental problem



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