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Here we intend to provide you with the latest news from RHT Industries, including our RHT International and b-MOLA brands. We hope to provide you with news not only from our Hong Kong Headquarters, but its global operations, be it product launches, global successes or where our next Exhibition or Congress will be internationally.

December 2023

One of the sectors where RHT has become increasingly successful is Life Science where air treatment has become a more important part of working life. A particular focus has been in laboratories especially Pathology where due to sample preparation and testing procedures, gaseous pollution has become a concern with its effects on the health of lab professionals and associated staff.

The European Union has increasingly been aware of the challenges formaldehyde poses, and in July 2024 the directive EU 2019/983 the 3rd EU amendment of directive EU 2004/37/EC will become law.

From July 12th 2024, the law states that levels of formaldehyde in labs, mortuaries and embalming suites must not exceed 0.3ppm over an 8hr period.

Until recently Activated Carbon has been the most used adsorptive technology to remove formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), but RHT’s NCCO technology with its more effective, sustainable, longer life and cost effective benefits is being chosen as the technology to meet such pollution challenges going forward.

Please click here further information on the importance of being compliant with the EU directive and also how NCCO can help meet such environmental demands.

RHT  b-MOLA smart family of Air Treatment and Purifying systems


RHT has released its new family of smart connected b-MOLA air treatment systems using its patented innovative NCCO (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation) technology.

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Meet us at 
The European Congress of Pathology - Florence, Italy


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