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Guangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital

  1. Daily histology routines and instrumentation continuously giving off formaldehyde (HCHO) fumes (now classified as a carcinogen), and TVOCs from Xylene and DAB used in special staining techniques.

  2. Demo test results showed high average levels of HCHO/TVOCs at 0.762/2.334mg/m³ before NCCO units installed. These levels dropped significantly to 0.114/0.687mg/m³ with a clearance rate of 85%/71%.

  3. RHT ceiling units - RH-490C were introduced and soon the staff found significant improvement in the lab environment quantitatively and qualitatively.

Industry – Life Science Sector – Medical – Pathology
Problem – Continuous air contamination of Formaldehyde & VOCs in Histology lab, affecting health of lab personnel
Resolution – Use of RH-490C ceiling units




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