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Hong Kong International Airport

  1. This is one of the world’s largest international airports with now over 73 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo handled each year.

  2. We introduced our RH-490C (ceiling unit) and our RH-220(mobile duct system) in smoking room areas and passenger washrooms. These units decomposed the heavy cigarette fumes and also the odours in washrooms resulting in remarkable Air Quality (AQ) performance. (AQ improved significantly and air change requirements decreased, resulting in promising energy saving results).

  3. RHT has had approval to install NCCO units in 108 washrooms and key affected public areas to enhance the air quality. This will provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to the airport passengers and also airport working personnel.

Industry – Large public facilities complex – Busy international airport with high people traffic
Problem – Air contamination in public areas
Resolution – RH-490C ceiling and RH220 duct type units

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