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Athens Naval Hospital, Greece

  1. Histology routines including instrumentation for grossing, embedding and various staining techniques affected air quality. High volumes of formaldehyde fumes , TVOCs and DAB were continuously given off.

  2. In a passive environment (when instruments switched off), the grossing area the VOC concentration was 0.560mg/m³, whereas in the rest of the lab was around 0.120mg/m³.

  3. After one overnight continuous operation of the units, the concentration of formalin in the grossing area dropped to 0.260mg/m3 whereas in the other area of the lab it was 0.032mg/m3.

  4. Concentration continued to decrease over successive days.

  5. Work staff welcomed the significant reduction in odour and the effects of harmful gases, particularly formaldehyde.

Industry – Life Science Sector – Medical – 2 areas of a pathology lab
Problem – High levels of formaldehyde, xylene, ethanol and DAB
Resolution – RHT supplied 2 units of RH-490C ceiling models and one RH220 duct type unit

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